Programmes Diplômants

Every graduate student is formally enrolled in a diploma or degree program. The programs are not, however, limited to the subjects offered in a single department. Subjects and project-based programs may be chosen from multiple departments, with the approval of the department’s academic advisor to
ensure that the overall curriculum is integrated and well-balanced against a major area of study. An engineering or master’s degree program requires deeper study and broader skill in the fields of engineering and science. In general, the engineering degree requires two academic years beyond an undergraduate degree.
A student who expects to come to ESLE for an advanced degree after earning an undergraduate degree elsewhere should pay particular attention to the undergraduate prerequisites as outlined by each department or program elsewhere in our portfolio. An undergraduate student of the Institute who is registered as a baccalaureate candidate can naturally be admitted by the institute as a candidate for the engineering degree. the requirement for such a degree is the satisfactory completion of an advanced and project-based study program approved by the appropriate department or interdepartmental committee of the School of Engineering. Graduate students can pursue work leading to one of the following types of degrees: